Different Types of Kitchen Drawers and Their Functionality

Are you thinking of giving your kitchen a new look? A look that would not only make your kitchen looks great but also enhances its functionality by using each nook and corner. The easiest and the most affordable way would be to remodel the cabinets and drawers in different designs and sizes, so as to make the most of them when it comes to storing.

Top Drawer Components are experts in remodeling your kitchen with the help of cabinets and drawers. They make optimum use of available space and help design drawers that make your kitchen unique. Given the basic needs of a kitchen, different kinds of storage units in the form of drawers are essentials that you simply can’t do without. Here are some of them:

Over-sized Drawer: A drawer with a greater depth that would help not only store big and bulky utensils but also help store some kitchen gadgets like blenders, mixers, choppers amongst others. Roll out drawers provided by Top Drawer Components are ideal as it is easy to pull them out with less effort. Not only does it help in easy accessibility, but also puts less strain on your back.

Slimline Drawer: These drawers can be used to store kitchen towels and oven mitts and other stuff that use less space, yet are considered to be essentials in the kitchen. These slim line drawers are also great to keep little utilities like notepads, pens, tape, and others.

Dovetail Drawers: These drawers are the most handy to store spices. These drawers are in different levels and can fit containers befitting their size. It is easy to also see what’s in the different drawers, given that they open in levels.

Corner Drawer: These drawers make optimum use of corner space. Designed as triangles, they can be used to store smaller containers or items that are needed in everyday cooking.

Regular Drawers: The regular drawers can be used to store regular items in the kitchen, and conform to the common size and fit.

With the help of experts, Top Drawer Components can help design and remodel your kitchen in a more personalized manner and give it your preferred style.

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