Dovetail Drawers

20+ years of dovetail drawer box building has made TDC one of the highest quality boxes in the industry.  Our standard 1/2 blind english dovetail sets the bar for custom kitchen, office and furniture products.  Drawers can be manufactured out of a variety of solid woods, plywoods and MDF products.  See our materials selection to get a glimpse of what your drawer will look like.  Drawer are glued at the joints and bottoms are “let-in” to your specification and held in place by a staple and glue process.




Top Drawer offers there customers an endless selection of materials to make your products out of, if you dont see it here we will be more than happy to track down and manufacture your products out of whatever you desire.   Top Drawer offers a large selection of options for your drawer boxes and dovetail drawers. Click here for more information or contact a TDC representative today.

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If you’re looking for a print ready version of our Drawer Quote/Order form click here or a TDC representative can email/fax a copy to you.   If you would like to request a quote or place an order for drawer boxes, click here to get started.

Specialty Drawers


Drawer Brochure

Our Specialty Department can turn your visions into reality. Our dovetail system can be used to create a variety of specialty items including corner drawer banks, silverware drawers, trash bins, hair-dryer drawers, utility drawers, and lay-back spice drawers, among others.   Click here if you’re looking for a print ready PDF of aour drawer brochure. A TDC representative would be more than happy to send you one via mail as well.

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