Top Drawer is committed to providing custom products to fit our customers needs in there cabinet production.  From it’s inception TDC has created the best dovetail drawers in the industry, throughout the last 20 years we have become an innovative producer of custom drawer boxes out of various solid woods, plywoods and MDF products.  Starting in 2008 TDC expanded its offerings to include custom 5 piece doors and drawer fronts, with state of the art equipment and experts in the field we are able to produce a wide variety of options to suite your customers needs.  Lastly TDC offers its extensive lineup of equipment to perform piece work at your paticular needs, whether UV finishing or CNC work we can help you achieve your goals.


Drawer Boxes

Top Drawer is able to produce high quality 5 piece doors for you, in both Cope & Stick and Mitered construction, these doors are produced with the latest equipment in the industry and adhere to the highest standards in the industry. 20+ years of dovetail drawer box building has made TDC one of the highest quality boxes in the industry. Our standard 1/2 blind english dovetail sets the bar for custom kitchen, office and furniture products.

Sliding Susan
Rollout Drawers

Specialty Drawers

The only rolling shelf storage system that can give you years of problem free service and can be installed within 5 minutes. Made for the people by the leader in the dovetail drawer industry. Our Specialty Department can turn your visions into reality. Our dovetail system can be used to create a variety of specialty items including corner drawer banks, silverware drawers, trash bins, hair-dryer drawers, utility drawers, and lay-back spice drawers, among others.

Drawer Planx

Perfect for any shop that manufactures their own drawers as well as those that sell to these shops or end users. Drawer Planx are sized drawer side material so you can give your customers the beautiful custom drawers they desire. Planx are available pre-finished or unfinished, with or without a bottom groove.

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